Roots began in Charleston SC, when an ambitious Horace Ilderton was awarded the Dodge Brother’s Dealership in High point NC in 1916.

In his mid-1930s, Horace moved to High Point to open a Dodge Brother’s Motorcar Company originally named John and Horace Dodge. In 1928, it became Chrysler.


Dodge trucks were first used in WWI. Ilderton Dodge asked Dodge trucks to help the furniture industry expand in HP NC.

Christmas storefronts were not just for New York. Ilderton created great displays of their new vehicles during the holidays.

Since the beginning, community involvement has been a cornerstone of Ilderton. Events have always been hosted at the dealership for employees and the community.

Natuzzi Furniture’s, which was open on Willbrook & Elm, now Commerce & Elm, owner was an avid hunter. Horace filled the showroom with Moose, deer, ducks and a live mina bird that often said “Danny Boy” & “Buy A Dodge.”

Over the years, Ilderton added Chrysler, Jeep and Ram plus the addition of Ilderton Conversion, currently located on Main Street, High Point.

T. Cary Ilderton Jr was the 3rd generation to enter the business. Cary Jr. continued growth through the 75th anniversary until his passing in 2004.

A Beautiful showroom and service department was built for customers

Tradition has it that you cut your tie when you sell your first car.

Early on, Ilderton was part of the great racing sport, sponsoring its own car.

Ilderton has always recruited expert technicians. Since 1926, over 2 million cars have been serviced

Many awards have been earned over the years. Cary Ilderton won top Dodge Honors